The Mediaura Difference

Why We're Different
Than The Competition

What makes Mediaura’s hosting solutions better than the competition? Simply put, our dedication to speed, security, and customer support is second-to-none.

What most people don't understand, is the reason why secure website hosting needs to exist in the first place - and that's because the internet for all its convenience is also home to more nefarious characters. We've touched on this topic before; but the truth is, as more businesses develop an online presence they are running the risk of attracting hackers. Some hackers simply do it because they can while others are looking to compromise the security of both your business and your clients. This can be anything from personal information, emails, credit card information, banking details, customer details, etc.

Did you know that humans only generate 49% of all Internet traffic?

If you think you know who is visiting your website, you may need to think again.

Cheap, budget website platforms and hosting solutions may seem attractive at first, but those savings won't seem so spectacular after you've damaged your bottom-line and the future of your business because your website and/or database have been compromised.

When your website is down, even for a mere moment, it compromises a great deal more than simply your website operations. It negatively affects your brand identity, consumer confidence, and it attracts MORE hackers, etc. Stop putting your business at risk.

Mediaura takes your security very seriously, because we don't want to see your reputation and hard work get destroyed due to a targeted attack on your system. That is why secure, hardware firewall access is enabled on all of our solutions.

We’ve built our own virtual private cloud with enterprise level hardware and cutting edge technology. Our solution includes multiple levels of redundancy and security that are typically only available to large enterprise clients, packaged as an affordable SMB offering.

Other hosting providers expect you to manage your own system on their hardware, including backups and security. If there is an equipment failure you are likely to be offline for hours or more. With our managed hosting solution, all failovers are resolved within 30 seconds and backups are handled automatically. We have 24/7 monitoring of our equipment, software, and network traffic.

At Mediaura, we understand that Internet Security can seem overwhelming. That is why partnering with a digital agency that not only understands the industry but also places your security at the top is a smart decision.